James Everett

Vocalist / R&B - Jazz - Pop

A native of San Francisco with a sound and performance style that’s reminiscent to the Rat Pack days fused with sprinkles of Luther Vandross, Al Jarreau, Tony Bennett, Smokey Robinson, Michael Buble, Nancy Wilson and Aretha Franklin.




Whether it's upfront (concert style) or easy listening background music to your liking; you can expect a classic mix of Jazz songs through the ages fused with sprinkles of some of the most popular and current R&B/Pop tunes of today (if requested). The musical style is intimate, jazzy cool, classy fun and electric. The aim is to provide you with quality entertainment and professionalism that will make your evening a memorable success. 

BAND SET-UP: The performance act consists of James Everett (vocalist), piano player, guitar/bass, drums and or Trumpet/Sax.  If you wanna dance we recommend going with the quintet (5pc) or sextet (6 pc). However, we can also just use a rhythm section (Piano, Guitar/Bass and drums) if space is limited. 

Other options for larger events include:   A 16pc Big Band. 


We normally like to arrive (to the venue) at least one and a half hours to an hour before playing. This gives us time to check in with the client, setup, sound check and resolve any potential setbacks.


SOUND POWER: 100 amps, 120 volts per leg, single or three-phase service to supply sound power distro only. (Lighting and sound cannot be on same service.)  

SMALLER OPTION:  A 3 prong power outlet must be provided within 25 feet of the performance area. 


THE STAGE: Stage shall be of safe, solid construction, and be level so as not to hinder free movement of equipment and personnel. Stage should be clear of any equipment not being used in conjunction with ARTIST'S show. Also, the stage should be 80% in the shade due to the possibility of preventing equipment  damage and other health matters. 


TECHNICIANS: are to be provided at no cost to PRODUCER or ARTIST, including at least a lighting director and pre-show focus crew, and two (2) or more competent technicians for both house and monitor system. Technicians are to be available for load-in, sound check, performance and load-out. 

LIGHT OPS: One (1) follow spot operator are required from one-half hour prior to scheduled show time until the ARTIST show is concluded. In addition, one (1) person to control house lighting. Spot and house light procedures are determined by ARTIST'S Lighting Director. 

MEALS:  If performance is less than 3 hours no meal is necessary. However,  if traveling to event from out of town or more than 50 miles in distance (to and from), a meal is required. 

BREAKS:  We normally take a 5-10 minute break after each set.