I'm still learning about music. The best way to learn is to listen to the audience. When you listen to the audience, they will tell you what they like. I wish these big corporations, instead of telling the audience what they should have, would listen.”

— Tony Bennett

James Everett

It’s not the hype, the sensationalism or the over-kill of putting yourself out there that excites James Everett, a native of San Francisco with a sound and performance style that’s reminiscent to the Rat Pack days fused with sprinkles of R&B/Jazz/Pop. It’s the science of discovering how to reinvent one’s self with the passion to inspire others through songs riding on the edge of that timeless vibe. 

 “This is what we’re missing, romance, respect and the ability to weave through the genres and styles. James is magnetic and charming in a Tony Bennett / Nat King Cole / Rat Pack kind of way.” Melanie Henderson - Baby Boomer January 2016


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